Goedemorgen! [In English: Good Morning!]

Name of film: Goedemorgen!  [In English: Good Morning!]
Film credits: Written, directed, shot, edited and produced by Ferry Piekart for Piek Pictures.
Actors: Alexandra Alphenaar and Arie Rustenburg. Styling: Esther Siebers.
Type of film:  Short Film
Device used: iPhone 4
Anna wakes up in the morning to discover she isn’t sleeping in her own bed. She isn’t even in her own country. She has no recollection of what happened… how did she get there? While she starts to panic, she discovers there is someone else. Someone with a different attitude to life. While Anna struggles with him, she also struggles with herself and especially her habit to plan everything.
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Hardware used: iPhone 4, tripod, mCAM, Røde Shotgun Microphone, Sony Wide Conversion lens 0.7, Steadicam Smoothee, IKAN ID 500 LED 3 panels.
Software used:  Filmic Pro, Red Giant Movie Looks, iMovie for iPhone

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DEPARTURE the project

(A Venture In Cost Effective, Expeditious, Epic Filmmaking)

From the mind of media trailblazer, Ruben Kazanstev, co-founder of the iPhone Film Festival, comes Departure; an unchartered concept in filmmaking. Departure is a film utilizing three main locations, in three separate countries, the United States, France, and Belarus, and three distinct directors from those respected regions. Each filmmaker will contribute their assigned footage, shot exclusively on the iPhone apparatus, to form one complete project, one complete intertwining story.




Police officer Deana Kashul traverses the corridors of an abandoned warehouse, not realizing she’s put herself in the line of fire of a desperate drug dealer. As the drug dealer raises his 9mm, for the perfect head shot—he’s shot from behind by an unknown source, releases a few rounds himself at the unknown source. Deana snaps herself around to uncover the dead drug dealer, along with Glen Starks, lying on the floor, in agony.

After Deana deduces the Glen Starks has saved her life, she asks for his identity, and why he was there, saving her life. Glen eventually reveals to her that he was hired to watch over her by a man named Andrei Novikov. He goes on to explain that Mr. Novikov, a diamond smuggler from Russia, met her father in France, while her father tried desperately to squeeze his way onto an overbooked flight, in hopes of making Deana’s 16th birthday, the first birthday since the loss of her mother. Mr. Novikov was so taken by her father, Walter Kashul, that he gave her father his ticket to the states.

The air liner crashes, killing all aboard, including Walter. The overwhelming guilt eating away at Andrei inspires him to forsake his criminal dealings, and to concentrate solely on the nurturing of young Deana, without the young lady ever being wise to it.


Ain’t Too Proud To Say – I Believe

  • Film Credits:
    • Lanise Harris: Director
    • Lenear Harris: Exe. Producer/Director
    • Cast
      • Allen Edge as Uncle Bobby
      • Alicia Averyhart as Momma
      • Lori Jones as Diana Ross
      • Moe Sims as Mary Wilson
      • Darnell Harvey – Berry Gordy
      • Kenzia Boyd – Stage Coordinator
    • The Sensations
      • Charles Wallace
      • Jon Kelly Sr.
      • Demone Green
    • Crew
      • Boom Operators – Steve Knoerr, Jill Waters, Elijah Boyd
      • Suzanne Knoerr – Key Grip
    • Music Production
      • All music re-created by – Lenear Royalty
      • Recorded & Mixed at LLRH
      • Assistant Engineer – Lanise Harris
      • “Baby Ou I Really Love You – sung by Lanise Harris
    • Video | Post Audio
      • Videography by Lanise Harris
      • Video Editing by LLRH
      • Post Audio Mixing by LLRH
    • Pictures by Anthony Charles Thomas Photography
  • Type of Film: Short Film, Music Video Promo
  • Device Used: iPhone 4s
  • Synopsis of the film
    • The story is about a young male christian who loves music. After church he will hear music passing by of “Sam Cooke”, “Ike & Tine Turner”, “Diana Ross & The Supremes”,  ”Motown” and loved the sounds.  He heard about a local talent competition and got some of his friends together to enter.  Before going, his friend Charles wanted Lenear to pray for Uncle Bobby, they did and it was amazing. Lenear invited the gents over for dinner at his mom’s.  Being a concerned parent Lenear’s mom stressed the issue of getting back to school. The gents had an awesome time singing, eating and fellowshipping. When Lenear and the Senstions arrived at the talent competition they heard that Diana Ross, Mary Wilson of the Supremes was there so Lenear stopped by the dressing room to introduce himself. To his surprise Berry Gordy was there with Diana Ross.  The music of the Sensation got out to the public and the rest is a fulfilled vision.
  • Software and hardware used for your film:  iMac 27, FCP-X & and the Zoom H4N Handy Recorder
  • Websites:  www.facebook.com/lenearroyalty &www.youtube.com/lenearroyaltytv & Twitter
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Poland, Luke Fink and an Old Fiat

by Josh Allen
The wonderful folk at PFD invited me to the final round of the series held at Poznan circuit to see how Luke Fink would get on driving the Piloti car owned by series organiser Andrzej Witkowski.
First time competing in a LHD car and a CA18DET holding him back. Let’s see how he got on!
Massive thanks to everyone at PFD for making us all feel welcome from the moment we arrived.
Produced by Josh Allen.
Shot on Canon 7D, iPhone 4, Contour HD.
Edited on Final Cut Pro.

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Music -

Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare & Steve Aoki)
Kings of Leon – King of the Rodeo
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
Magnetic Man feat Katy B – Perfect Stranger (Steve Angello)


Best Served Cold

With FiLMiC Pro the iPhone 4 becomes a very powerful and capable high definition movie making machine. We had a ball spending a weekend shooting an action movie send up and here in all its mobile cinematic glory is the trailer for the fictional feature length film, BEST SERVED COLD.

We shot everything at 24P. Camera support included a Steadicam Smoothee, Gymbl Pro, GorillaPod, Manfrotto monopod with a Glif, and an elevated skateboard dolly with 16 feet of track. Sound was captured to the iPhone primarily through laveliers connected to a KV connector. Hope you enjoy it. We had a blast making it!

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Money Bag

Title: Money Bag

Director : Sun ung Kim

Camera: iPhone 4

Running time: 11 minutes 55 seconds

Genre : Thriller,Black Comedy

Original image size : 1280X720(HD)

Country: South Korea

Actor: Jin ung Bea
Actress: Na Han

Production: Sun ung Kim
Writer / Director: Sun ung Kim
Planning: Jin soo Kim
Producer: Jin soo Kim
Cinematographer: Jin kwang Jeong
Gaffe: Deuk sang Jo
Editor: Sun ung Kim
Conti: Myeong su Hong
Assistant Director: Kwang su Son
Production department: Ung hee Choi and Tae rim Lee
Recording Department: Gwi sik Choi
Trillion people department: Ji hun Min, Ho jang Ryu and Seung tae Gwon
Photographer: Cheof woo Kim
Hair Makeup: Style M (Min jeong Sin)
Special makeup: CJM FX (Ji min Cheon and Han na Jeong)
Sound: Won jun Choi
Location cooperation: Seoul Film Commission (Dong sik Kim)
Clothing sponsor: Billy Willy, Liz
Vehicle Sponsorship: Seung woo Back
Sponsorship prop: Byeong seok Choi
Recording Equipment Sponsorship: HANENT, KT, Yang bae Kim

Helping people:
Sun hyuk Kim, Ji ho Sim, Eun il Lee, Sang il Jin, Ji in Park, Myeong il Yu, Gyeong seo Park, Dae cha Kim

Synopsis : The lady who has a black bag is sitting on the bench to take a bus in empty terminal. A man who appears suddenly steals quickly the lady’s black bag and runs away.
The man drives at high speed from the terminal to hotel across downtown
When the man arrives at a hotel room, a woman welcomes the man in the room. The woman lays the man on the bed and ties his both hands at bed.
After a while, she pierces his abdomen with a pointed gimlet with excitement and then go out of room with black bag which man stole ,however……



The Editor

The short I shot on iphone4. I used RedRock micro shoulder mount, tripod, glidecam 2000 and car mounts. Edited in Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

Written and Directed by
Chris Nong

iPhone4 as itself

The Editor – Vitaliy Tumchenok

“The Black Tea” girl – Ksenya Markevich

Agent #1 – Mikhail Lisovsky

Agent #2 – Alex Muslik

Agent #3/The Driver – Viacheslau Zhadan

Dissatisfied Producer – Alexandr Lisovskv

The Visionary Director in the end – Vadim Kheifets

The Editor in the end/Special Effects – Maxim Gerasimenko

BMW driver – Evgenii Nazevskiy

Thug with a gun – Nitita Kochnev

iPhone FilmMaker


The Fixer

Written, directed & produced By Conrad Mess

Actors :
Paul May
Mike Dawson
Martin Rice
Destroyer Queen

Mi segundo corto amateur, PRAY FOR DAWN era un trailer. My second amateur short movie, PRAY FOR DAWN was a trailer. Rodado unicamente con un teléfono móvil y unos amigos. Shot just with a mobile phone camera and a few friends.Espero que os guste. I hope you like it.